Yes. As a leading logistics and transportation company in the business, we possess two mobile applications.  The name of our primary app is ‘Traket – Transport Market’. It is our main app for truck suppliers as well as load providing companies.

Our second mobile app is known as ‘Traket – Driver’. As the name implies it focuses specifically on the vehicle drivers.

Load posting is a very important and integral part of our business. It is a primary step data required to be completed before the main job starts.

The official market time for a post in a specific load is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in a day. It is to bring to your notice that you can post a load 7 days a week. These are very flexible timings as compared to our competitors in the market.

Becoming a Traket partner opens the door to ample opportunities for you in the future. This is due to our distributed leadership in the market.

To become our partner for an extended period of time, you are required to fill ‘Become our partner’ form. Once you fill and submit the form successfully, our highly trained and skilled executive personnel will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

So what are you waiting for? – Get ready to maximize your earnings by becoming our partner today.

If you aren’t an app user – You need to fill the form present on the ‘Contact Us’ page for receiving technical assistance from our end. After this, you will be required to create a ‘Ticket’ on the app for mentioning your issue.

Once the above-mentioned steps are completed successfully, our professional executive will get in touch with you within 48 hours. So, keep your phone around!

Traket assures you to provide you with complete technical and non-technical assistance round the clock. You can contact our technical professionals anywhere, anytime.

You are kindly requested to fill and post your details in the ‘Request a Quote’ form to know about the fare for your destination. Once this form is successfully filled and submitted, our highly-trained professionals will get in touch with you within 48 working hours.

An individual associated with Traket can earn in numerous ways. One of the many ways for earning with  Traket is ‘Share and Earn’.

You can earn a good amount by sharing our app with different vehicle owners as well as to the load providers. Currently, there is a happy reward of Rs. 101. This amount will be credited to your account when they have completed their first trip with Traket.

You can reap the maximum benefits out of our relationship by becoming our long-term partner in the business. 

The happy reward amount will be credited to your ‘Pocket’ of our mobile app. This should be noted that this amount will be credited to your account successfully only after the vehicle owners (the one you have shared our app with) will compete their 1st trip with Traket. So share and earn – It’s that easy!

The structure of refund, return or cancellation at Traket is –

  • If the vehicle has not been assigned yet, then there will be a 100% refund for your payment and the work order will be cancelled.
  • If the vehicle has been assigned and it is going to reach the loading point, or the vehicle has reached the loading point – 20% of the total payment or Rs.2500 per day per vehicle, whichever higher will be applicable.
  • If in transit, 100% non-refundable.

At Traket, we abide by this structure strictly.

Traket accepts various modes of payment. You can choose whichever payment mode suits you comfortably. Among the famous options for payment, UPI, credit card debit card, net banking, wallet, IMPS, NEFT and cash hold the most value.

In business, payment terms are extremely necessary if you want to maintain long-term relationships.

Traket has designed its payment terms keeping our partners in mind.

You can pay us anytime before unloading or during transit – This is only our payment term. That’s right – You need not pay a single penny before loading your goods into our partner driver’s vehicle. 

We provide our customers with the simplest and easiest way of booking transport services at the best competitive prices with quality services. The multiple modes of payment help our customers in making secured transactions easily through our system.

Note – All payments made online towards availing services shall be only taken into account when the considered payment amount is received and credited in the bank account of the company.

The amount issued to the customer will include the parking charges, fare, night surcharges (if applicable), and any other additional levy or charges currently payable or hereinafter imposed by the government or law (especially during COVID-19) or needed for availing the services provided by us.

Our highly functional Traket driver app will help you track down your cargo during its transit.

You need to download this app from the Play Store and then you can track the driver, who is carrying your cargo, 24×7 through it for receiving the real-time updated status. 

If you encounter any problem doing the same, you can contact our professionals who are available for you round the clock.

Therefore, real-time data of your cargo is available at your fingertips via our app.

‘Track it’ with Traket!

We ensure to cover all the risk parameters for your cargo such as spoilage, breakage, leakage, shortage, theft, fire and accident etc. during the transit of your shipment by ensuring your goods.

Especially, in these testing and challenging times of COVID-19, we ensure that your packages are completely sanitized before transit. The safety of your packages is our priority and we abide by all the rules, regulations and protocols for the safety of your goods. We also make sure that our drivers and other workforce are following all the COVID-19 norms such as wearing masks during transit etc.

Traket is ready to go the long way to ensure the safety of your shipment packages.

At its core, Traket is a supply chain, logistics and transportation company.

We specialise in providing vehicles for road transport of goods from Mumbai to all around the nation.

Other solutions provided by Traket include –

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Freight forwarding
  • Custom clearance

Our services include –

  • Bulky Good Service
  • Friends for importer, exporter, and supplier
  • Over dimension specialist
  • Light cargo and budget-friendly
  • Doorstep local service
  • Express delivery

Anytime. We do provide express door delivery if our customers request it on an urgent basis.

Note – The express directory function is provided with some add-on costs. The additional costs will depend on the expected transit time and drop off location.

Secret Tip – If it seems like you are going to make an urgent request, please hurry in making contact with us. This minute step will save you a hefty amount.

Yes, we have a digital POD facility available. You can find this facility in the ride history section of our app.

BOLs, as well as paperless invoices, are also provided in our services.

Traket provides a very detailed ride history to its customers. You can find your order summary in the ride history of our mobile app.

The ride history section of our mobile app will consist of all the detailed order summaries of previous and current rides.

We are the market leaders and are known for providing our customers will convenient and safe goods transportation services in India. Our services aid our customers to manage all their daily transport-related problems.

Our exclusive platform helps our customer to get the affordable and hassle-free movement of goods to different locations all over the country.

Now looking for the best transporters in your area will be simple and easy as we are here to serve you with affordable and safe transportation of goods.

  • The tracking facility helps you to track your goods in real-time.

We offer customer support 24×7 – You can contact us anywhere, anytime.

Traket offers an online transport booking service in India to businesses and individuals. The types of material which are mostly transported from one location to another through road transport are ceramics, chemical, construction plastic, solar panel, cosmetics, manufacturing, garments and textiles, FMCG transporter and trailer transport, and many more.

We provide the best competitive rates for our transport services. Combine this with easy online payments, vehicle tracking and insurance assistance and much more.

Customers are provided with the leverage of choosing their preferred vehicle for the transportation of their goods. 

The steps required to book a ride with us are as follows –

  • Download our app.
  • Register by filling in the required details.
  • State your requirements for the trip such as the type of material to be transported, weight load, the type of vehicle preferred, pickup location and drop off location.
  • And you are done – leave the rest on us!

We will provide you with a quotation for the same with the available vehicle options. You are also required to let us know your expected delivery date.

We have a live statistic chart on the ‘Full Truck Load’ page that let you stay updated about our company.

  • 250+ Happy Customers
  • 835 Verified Vehicle Owners
  • 7500+ Tons Total Cargo Delivered
  • 300+ Vehicle On Board

The following are the features of Traket –

  • Quickest Cargo

At Traket, we aspire to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the most reliable and quickest roadways transportation service in the business.

  • Track Your Vehicle

This is a feature that provides us with a competitive edge in the business. You can track your shipment vehicle anytime, anywhere easily from loading at the pickup location to unloading at the drop-off location.

  • Affordable Prices

Traket provides the shipment transport service at the best competitive prices available. If you wish, you can compare our prices with our competitors, and we promise the next sentence from you will be ‘Let’s Track it with TRAKET!!’.

  • Safety Measure

At Traket, our priority is the safety of your goods. Our motto is to keep safety first in all our shipments.

Our drivers are highly trained + they are informed and educated about the safety precautions, and other specific concerns (if any) regarding your shipment.

  • Timely Delivery

All the features, services and solutions that we offer are worthless if we couldn’t ensure this most important feature – The on-time delivery of your goods.

  • Nationwide

Whether it be big cities or small towns, Traket’s services are available even in the remote areas of our nation. Do you know that intercity goods delivery is our speciality?


As a leading logistics and transportation company in the business, we possess two mobile applications. The name of our primary app is ‘Traket – Transport Market'. It is our main app for truck suppliers as well as load providing companies.

Our second mobile app is known as ‘Traket – Driver’. As the name implies it focuses specifically on the vehicle drivers.

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