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• Maximize your earnings

Traket offers the highest rates to its partner drivers and fleet owners. Moreover, it is highly uncertain that our partner drivers are out of work. Therefore, high rates + work around the year = earnings maximized.

To reap the benefits of the above equation, you have to just offer a hand and leave the rest on us.

• Instant payouts

One practice that we wish to continue is timely payouts to our partner drivers as well as fleet owners.


Note – We checkout paperless invoices concerning the environmental risks associated with printed invoices.

• Simple and instant loads

  1. Download the Traket app.
  2. Accept work.
  3. Begin your journey!

Follow these 3 easy above-mentioned steps and encash some big money in no time!

• Consistent Support

We mean and believe it when we address you as our ‘Partners’, and therefore we are here for you in times of any professional need. Traket assures ‘Constant Support + Consistent Communication’ to all its partner drivers and fleet owners.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals are here to hear you out in case of any issues. You can reach them out 24×7 anytime, anywhere.

Invest your interest, in our interest and earn your ambitions and dreams by joining us.


क्या आप हमारे पार्टनर प्रोग्राम में रजिस्टर करना चाहोगे? पूरी जानकारी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे


App Features

The Traket app is loaded with excellent features for our partner truck drivers. The app has been designed with a simple user interface that is easy-to-use, easy-to-understand for our partner truck drivers and fleet owners.

From connecting to the loads to getting your instant payouts, the Traket app is all you need! Download it NOW!

1. Match
  • The Traket app will instantly connect you to all available loads.
  • The app will also provide you with an idea of your approximate invoice payout instantly.
2. Track

The next step includes tracking your journey, and details of the customers. You can manage everything with a few clicks on your device. What else? Be prepared for off-loading as well as on-loading.


3. Make the payment

You can identify your chances to succeed by analysing the efficiencies of your fleet with the help of our wide consumer base and simple, easy-to-use user interface.

Your journey is further accelerated smoothly with BOLs, PODs, and paperless invoices.

In case you haven’t downloaded the Traket mobile app for truck drivers


Webinar Videos

Over the course, our goal has been to help train truck drivers and encourage them to perform better in the trucking industry.

Webinar videos are an integral part of the driver training program at Traket. These videos have been specifically designed keeping the requirements, challenges and expectations of the industry in mind.

These videos will provide truckers with the support, experience and knowledge to understand the needs of today’s trucking market.

Steps to access webinar videos for the truck driver course –

Log in to our mobile app for truck drivers and you will find all the informative webinar videos under ‘The truck driver training’.

These videos are updated time-to-time as per the changing needs of the market. The webinar videos will help you excel in your career.

Join Traket’s webinars and listen to the guest speakers and experts from the industry.

Note – If required, personal assistance can also be provided to truck drivers in Mumbai. Also, if you want to find truck driver in Mumbai, needn’t look any further – Just download the Traket app and you will be provided with many available truck options, that too at the best competitive prices.


Webinar Videos

You can download the Traket phone app for truck drivers here. This app is a one-stop solution for all your requirements.

Some hands-on feature of this app are –

  • You can instantly match the available loads.
  • Get hold of your approximate payout bill.
  • Grab the details of the journey as well as the client.
  • Managing your complete profile with this app comes hands-free.
  • Calculate the opportunity to succeed for a specific bid.
  • Help keep an eye on the payouts and invoices as well.

You can become our registered ‘PARTNER’ driver by following the below-mentioned easy, simple steps –

  • Register yourself as a vehicle owner on our app.
  • The next step allows you to add any number of vehicles with correct documentation.
  • After vehicles, we would require some basic details about you i.e. our partner driver.
  • This documentation step requires you to add all the verified and correct
  • The last step assigns vehicles to drivers with their respective loads.
  • documents of the vehicle owner, vehicle and driver in the proper format.

The payment will be released within a day or two after your trip has been completed. We assure 100% full payment to our partner drivers, our fleet owners and the freight companies. The payment can be released via different methods as per your suitability.

We follow the mantra of ‘Traket means Trust’ in our business and do not leave any loophole open through which your profit can be shared.

All the information regarding your stretch as well as your payment will be notified to you during your booking process. Traket’s booking process includes –

  • The exact payout amount for your truck booking.
  • Our system calculates the exact distance in the kilometre metric for you based on the provided location.

And (obviously), the booking process also notifies you about pickup and drop-off location.

We told you, you are your own boss. So yes, you can cancel a booking.

30 minutes – The time you are expected to cancel a booking before your pickup time.

The rest resides with us – We will proceed with the cancellation details and the onward process for the requester.

Note – No fee will be imposed for the timely cancellation of your booking.

The bills for all your previous and current trips are always available at a single click on our website as well as a phone app for truck drivers.

Note – The service bills are available on request and communicated to your registered email address.

The services confirmed via our portal ONLY INCLUDES the transportation of goods. You are free to accept/reject the specific manpower request of the client (if any).

Note – Kindly understand that the booking amount processed doesn’t include the service charges of packing, loading and unloading.


As a leading logistics and transportation company in the business, we possess two mobile applications. The name of our primary app is ‘Traket – Transport Market'. It is our main app for truck suppliers as well as load providing companies.

Our second mobile app is known as ‘Traket – Driver’. As the name implies it focuses specifically on the vehicle drivers.

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