How Can I Register My Trucks To Logistics Company?

A truck driver should always be associated with a logistics company to reap several benefits. Before finding out how to do so, let us understand that what exactly is meant by a logistics company?

Definition – A logistics company does the work of implementation along with controlling the transportation and storage of goods and services within a supply chain. Depending on the needs of the client’s logistics, these companies look after their supply chain functions.

Why should you register with a logistics company?

The Logistics companies are experienced in management related to goods and their movement. Because of their expertise and experience, they know the best way to do these tasks in a cost-efficient way. Such professional logistics companies provide you with many advantages that include:

  1. Warehousing –Logistics companies help their clients to save their energy and time by helping them find a proper storage space that is cost-friendly and properly located.
  2. Packaging –The logistics companies have the proper technology and staff that helps their clients in avoiding any errors and fulfilling their demands on time.  Registering yourself with a logistics company is very important as they possess vital experience and sources.
  3. Shipping and transportation – Logistics companies have all the services of vehicles and can help in bringing down several expenses related to transportation.
  4. Flexibility – Logistics companies also provide adaptable resources. They can help in any adjustments regarding the shipping routes or methods of transportation in the supply chain disruptions. 
  5. Technology – These companies have access to technologies that can help in making the supply chain digital for greater efficiency.

To avail of all of these and register truck online, you will have to follow the simple ten steps that are given below one by one.

Steps to follow:


Step 1: Firstly, you are required to pick your company to register with logistics as well as transportation services.

Tip – At the moment, there’s no better choice than TRAKET in this domain within the market.

Step 2: Once you have selected your desired company (read TRAKET), you need to install their required truck driver app from Play Store for registering.

Below mentioned are the links provided to download Traket apps from the Play Store –

Traket – Transport Market App to Book a Truck

Traket – Driver App to Get Full/Part Truck Load Trips


Step 3: After installing their app (in our case ‘Traket – Driver’ app), select the ‘Driver’ tab by tapping on it.

Step 4: The sign-up process begins right here!

Step 5: Once logged in, follow the instructions provided for new registration.

Step 6: Next, you need to tap on the ‘Truck Driver’ option.

Step 7: Ensure that you fill in the basic required information such as your mobile number, Email address, driving license number, Aadhaar number, vehicle number, etc.

Step 8: After this, you will receive an OTP on the provided mobile number.

Step 9: The company will approve your profile once the system has verified your typed-in OTP.

Tip – OTPs are case-sensitive.

Step 10: Once your profile has been approved by the company, your truck/trucks will be successfully attached to the logistics and transportation of the ‘Truck – Driverapp of the company.

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