COVID-19 – Preventive Measures For Truck Drivers

COVID-19 had been such an unexpected occurrence in everyone’s life. From schools to transportation, life had paused for all. In these times, we cannot understand when the virus could be spread to you, so it is for the best that you take preventive measures every time you come out of your house. One of the most difficult works would be that of the transportation drivers.

TRAKET is an Indian Transport Market Portal. The main motive of our company is to deal with transportation services for all of your needs. We have a 24/7 service and ensure that your experience at Traket would be amazing and ultimately, there would be no complaints from the customer’s (OUR FAMILY i.e. Y.O.U.) side. We have also made sure to spread awareness among their employees about all the protocols that they need to follow for COVID-19 prevention

For a truck driver, not only is his safety important but the safety of the customers is imperative, too. Everything needs to be considered including sanitization, and regarding the environment.

Here is how the safety of truck drivers at Traket is taken care of to stop the spread of the deadly virus:

  1. Keeping the truck clean: The truck drivers should sanitize their trucks before boarding them. At all costs, it should be remembered that only sanitizing the truck once IS NOT ENOUGH!

Every time the driver steps out of the truck, there could be a threat of the virus so it is necessary to sanitize at least the seat and the steering wheel frequently. 

  1. Do not forget the door handles and windows: Even if the driver does not leave the truck much often, it is plausible that other people could get in touch with the truck, while it is parked. To not invite any risks, it could be the safest to sanitize it at the beginning and the end of the day AT LEAST.
  1. Interaction with the clients: When it comes to transactions, the truck drivers should always prefer taking credit cards and asking the client to do online payments if they can.

Minute things like these help in minimizing the spread of the virus as cash are one of those materials that get carried around from person to person.

  1. Take care of symptoms: If any driver feels even the slightest of the COVID-19 symptoms, he or she should make sure to take days off until they have a confirmation that these aren’t COVID-19 to ensure everyone’s safety.
  1. Proper habits: The drivers should keep practice for COVID-19 preventions of always sanitizing their hands and wearing a mask at all times and in every place. 

Following all the points mentioned above, Traket has been doing a great job in keeping the safety of truck drivers their priority. All the drivers are very dedicated to their work and put their customers above anyone else. Time-to-time checkups are also done and in any case of threat of the virus, the action is taken immediately. 

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